Magic of Nature: On the Mystery of Healing (2018)

This book will appear within the next few days. Here the cover:


It’s in English and gives an outline of my 2-volumed book “Magie der Natur: Historische Variationen über ein Motiv der Heilkunst”.

You may order it via Books on Demand Bookshop or Amazon.

Text of the back cover:

What does “magic of nature” mean? Starting with the placebo effect and its relevance for biomedical research and clinical practice of today, this treatise focusses on diverse historical concepts of the “healing power of nature”. This topos was fundamental for natural medicine, life reform movement, suggestive therapy, hypnotism, romantic natural philosophy, and mesmerism. Such a retrospection leads to the crucial concept of “natural magic” (Latin: magia naturalis), which was essential for early modern medicine and natural science. At that time, Nature (Latin: natura) was revered as a divine creator of natural things in the service of God, as a mediator of His wisdom for the inquiring humans. So, Nature was personified in many ways as a wise woman or magician, mystically adored by alchemists. At the end, the study returns to the present age. It reflects critically modern sexology and sexual medicine confronting them with spiritually guided practices of “sexual magic”.

Heinz Schott is an Emeritus Professor of the History of Medicine at the University of Bonn (Germany)